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Yes Golf is a sport, your there to have fun, perhaps show your competitive side and enjoy your natural surroundings. The Florida Golf Communities along with various other golfing communities also go by what is known as Golf Etiquette. Golf Etiquette is not to be taken lightly in any golf resort, golf league or golf community. You can be the greatest player that has ever stepped foot on our recommended St. Cloud Florida Course course but be sure to keep in mind a few simple dos’ and don’ts of golf etiquette. After all it is thought that the etiquette golfers demonstrate to one another is what distinguishes golf from any other sport.

Etiquette Basics for Florida Golf Communities

  • Keep Quiet – Golf is a sport in which one must concentrate on their swing to get the best possible result. Do try to keep your tone to a minimum.
  • Awareness – Try to keep in mind that when you are practicing your swing that there are other people around you. Be sure to keep a safe distance and swing in a clear direction. You wouldn’t want to hit a rock or stick into some ones direction.
  • Golf Cart Safety – Although you do not need a drivers license to drive a golf cart, golf communities do expect you to have common sense when operating a cart. Always keep all carts, motorized or pull-carts away from the greens and off the teeing ground.
  • Movement – Golfers need to remember that although concentration and momentum are key factors for a great golf game, anticipating your next move is also good to keep in mind. Try to keep up with the golfing communities pace. If you are not in an actual golf tournament feel free to switch your game method to “hit when ready”. This will allow those who are all set to tee off to go ahead and do so, this type of game allows for a smoother game.
  • Attire - Proper golfing gear is required by most golfing communities. Florida Golf communities expect classic golf attire for both men and women.
  • EquipmentFlorida golf course communities do expect you to have proper equipment- including shoes, be sure you check with the golf resort regarding soft spikes and metal spikes. Also many resorts expect each player to have their own equipment so check prior to arrival for rental options or golf shops.
Golf Communities Jargon

Golf Jargon is widely used as common vocabulary in Florida golf communities, if you feel like touching up a bit here are a few commonly used phrases.

Addressing the ball” – This refers to how one positions their club prior to hitting the ball.

Par” – Attempts a player is expected to take to accomplish their shot, for example par 3, par 4 or 5.

Birdie” – Score made on a hole that was one short of par for example: “on par 3, score 2 is a birdie”

Chip” – Soft, delicate, tender stroke of the ball.

Hacker” – Term used to describe a “bad golfer”. Many golf communities try not to use this insulting term.

Green fee– Florida Golf communities use this term referring to the cost of playing on their course.

Ace” – Also known as hole in one

Sandbagger” – Florida golfing communities consider these types of golfers the worst type of cheaters- normally they mislead golfers into thinking they aren’t as good as they are.
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